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Why do you have limits while other providers offer UNLIMITED SPACE?

Many hosts offer unlimited space but then limit your website(s) through other means. 

You may also find yourself paying extra for services like email, SSL Certificates, security, WHOIS Protection, and backups, whereas these services should ideally be included anyway.

We believe that there is no need for excessive space, we can offer performance and other services. Most personal and business websites use less than 1 GB of space.  

Typically, there is limited RAM space , entry process and processes in place at big name hosting companies. We have generous limits when it comes to that. In addition, most of our limits are soft limits and can be increased. 

Example: Most hosts provide 1-5MB/s Disk IO, All our plans give atleast 10MB/s Disk IO.

As we charge by the space we can give you GREAT PRICES that you see on the website

Germany Server can handle Node.js and Python applications

You can check our server limits:

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