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Installing Let's Encrypt SSL

Installing and setting up Let's Encrypt SSL is made very easy in the Direct Admin control panel

Step 1: Login to the Direct Admin by clicking "Panel Login"

Step 2: Select the "SSL Certificates" page from the "Account Manager" subsection

Step 3: Select the "Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt" tab

Step 4: Select the domains and subdomains

(we prefer to click/select the "wildcard" option located beside the domain name.)

Exaplantion: You can generate SSL certificates for specific domains and subdomains, wildcard allows you to use the same certificate for all the subdomains.

Step 5: Click the "Save" button

If the domain is properly configured with our nameservers, a SSL certificate valid for 90 days will be issued. The Let's Encrypt program will continue to automatically issue new certificate when the previous expires.


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